Roanna is a highly experienced and much sought-after workshop facilitator and presenter. She aims to teach a decolonised syllabus, centering Indigenous Australian voices, and the work of writers from underrepresented minority communities across the world. She has taught in schools, at universities, and in communities for many years, in the areas of creative writing, media studies, journalism, and postcolonial literatures. She offers writing workshops and individual consultations, for all ages and levels of writing experience. She is also available as a public speaker. She is currently a Lecturer in Creative Writing (sessional) at New York University in Sydney.

Worskhops and services offered:

The creative fix: This is an exhilarating 55 minute workshop designed to spark creativity in a short burst of time, such as in a lunch hour. It includes hands-on creative writing exercises to help participants unlock their creative potential and see themselves, their work, and the world with fresh eyes. This will suit teams and individual office-workers with no prior writing experience. It is offered as a longer workshop too. For further information, email

Rewilding the short story:  Inspired by the techniques of writers from storytelling cultures across the world, this workshop helps participants  build their writerly toolkits. We will examine some well-known stories, find out what makes them work, and then use them to “rewild” our own stories in new ways. We will focus on the use of fresh language, and on interesting methods to structure a story. Wicked and virtuosic writers from around the globe will be our muses. This  hands-on writing workshop will suit school and university students, educators, and emerging writers. For further information, email

Ethical storytelling: Stories are powerful. They have the potential to hurt as well as to heal, to destroy as well as to restore. This workshop helps participants think through historical and political contexts with the aim of wielding the power of storytelling in an ethical way. Drawing on Roanna’s extensive experience in journalism, research (including for scholarly knowledge production), and creative storytelling (including for radio, film, performance, prose fiction and nonfiction) this workshop will help participants consider questions about whose voices are heard, whose voices are deliberately silenced, and how to amplify the stories that must be heard most urgently today. This workshop will suit media practitioners, NGO staff, academic researchers, high school teachers, policy analysts, and anyone interested in ethical storytelling. For further information, email

The art of the interview: This workshop helps participants to think through the ethics and practice of information gathering and knowledge production in the context of the interview process. Drawing on Roanna’s extensive experience in interviewing for journalism,  interviewing for market research, interviewing for scholarly and consultative research (including for ARC grants), and interviewing for creative storytelling (including for radio, film, performance, prose fiction and nonfiction) this workshop will help participants develop a set of tools to conduct interviews in a more ethical and effective manner. This workshop will suit media practitioners, NGO staff, academic researchers, high school and tertiary level educators, policy analysts, and anyone who needs to conduct interviews. For further information, email

Individual consultations: Roanna offers individual consultations in relation to creative writing practice, ethical storytelling, and the art of the interview. For further information, email

Public speaking: Roanna is a highly sought-after speaker at writers’ festivals and other public events. For further information, email Also see Speaking Engagements.

Clients and Collaborators

  • City of Sydney
  • Carnival of the Bold
  • Sydney Writers’ Festival
  • Women’s Housing Company
  • Lesley Branagan
  • Diversity Arts Australia
  • CDP Theatre Producers
  • Society of Women Writers NSW
  • Writers’ Victoria,
  • UNSWriting
  • Byron Bay Writers’ Festival
  • Presbyterian Ladies College (PLC Sydney)
  • Writing NSW
  • IndiVisual Films
  • Wollongong Writers’ Festival
  • South Australia Writers’ Centre
  • Faculty of Education UNSW
  • Macquarie University
  • Emerging Writers’ Festival
  • School of the Arts and Media, UNSW
  • School of Humanities and Communication Arts, Western Sydney University

If you would like a workshop tailored to the specific needs of your school, university, workplace, community group, team-building program, festival etc, Roanna will be happy to help. Email or contact via Twitter @roannagonsalves

Upcoming workshops

Alice Springs: Sunday, May 19, 2:30 to 4:30 pm, Northern Territory Writers’ Festival.

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Sydney: April 6, 2019, Writing NSW, Rewilding the Short Story

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Sydney: February 13, 2019, Society of Women Writers NSW

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Sydney: February 2019, The Citizen Writes Project

Submissions Closed.

Wollongong: Nov 24, 2018, 10:30 am to 1:30 pm

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Melbourne: Oct 13, Writers’ Vic, Rewilding the short story

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Sydney: Oct 3, UNSW, Rewilding the short story

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“Loved the course. It’s not often you get the opportunity to write in a structured environment with so many fantastic activities and advice from someone who clearly knows what she’s talking about. The only negative is that I’m exhausted from writing so much, which isn’t really a negative at all. Thank you!”

“Workshop was excellent. Well-structured. Good time control. Good topics.”

“I really enjoyed the amount of writing we actually did. It was a writing workshop and it lived up to its name. The handouts and extracts were quite varied. I have a couple of texts that I would like to look up from them. It was a mixed group, but we were encouraged to interact and critique well. Altogether, I felt very welcomed and confident in this setting.”

“You are able to respond to people’s contributions in class in a way that highlights the strength of their contribution. It feels warm, inclusive, and authentic.”

“The practical techniques and structural methods were invaluable and I just know these are going to lift my writing to the next level. Your great facilitation skills brought out the best from the group as well.”

“Roanna should write more books.”

“Roanna is an energetic and engaging workshop facilitator. Some interesting concepts for revising and refreshing fiction were clearly discussed and practical exercises were great.”

“Really hands on. Also good that we have further reading.”

“You’re very relatable, warm, approachable. The pace is good – not too long, not too short on things.”

“Exercises developed each point and were then brought together and reinforced. Loved the exercises. Presentation was informative and manner was engaging.”

“Enjoyed your enthusiasm and knowledge, warmth and generosity.”