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Roanna is a highly experienced and much sought-after workshop facilitator, mentor, panel facilitator and presenter. She has been teaching, supervising and mentoring emerging prose writers and screenwriters within communities, schools, literary organizations and institutions such as New York University Sydney, Edinburgh International Book Festival, UNSW Sydney, Western Sydney University, Macquarie University and the Australian Film, Television and Radio School (AFTRS). She offers writing workshops and individual consultations for all ages and levels of experience in the discipline of Creative Writing. She works as a Lecturer in Creative Writing at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia.

Clients and Collaborators

Australian Film Television & Radio School (AFTRS) | Screen Australia | The Wheeler Centre, Next Chapter | City of Sydney | OzAsia Festival Adelaide |  Jaipur Literature Festival | Orana Arts | Centre For Stories | Carnival of the Bold | Edinburgh International Book Festival | Sydney Writers’ Festival | Story Factory | Women’s Housing Company | Lesley Branagan | Diversity Arts Australia | CDP Theatre Producers | Society of Women Writers NSW | Writers’ Victoria | UNSWriting | Byron Bay Writers’ Festival | Presbyterian Ladies College (PLC Sydney) | IndiVisual Films |  South Australia Writers’ Centre | Wollongong Writers’ Festival | Faculty of Education UNSW | Writing NSW | Macquarie University | Emerging Writers’ Festival | School of the Arts and Media, UNSW | School of Humanities and Communication Arts, Western Sydney University | Writing & Society Research Centre | St. Augustine’s College

Upcoming workshops & mentoring programs

In-person, Saturday, 26 November 2022, ‘Researching and Writing Diversity’, Writing NSW, Rozelle, Sydney. Book here:

Online, Wednesday 31 August to Tuesday 6 September 2022 ‘Writing & Revising Short Stories’, Wednesday 31 August to Tuesday 6 September 2022, Writing NSW. Book here:

Workshop for ‘Next Chapter’ participants, The Wheeler Centre, at Varuna, The Writer’s House, March 11, 2022

Online: September 1, 2021, Diversity Arts Australia + Writing NSW workshop for publishing professionals

Online: July – November 2021, writing mentorship Writing NSW Diversity Initiatives

Online: May – October 2021, ‘inScribe’ Project, Orana Arts writing mentorship for writers living in regional NSW..

Online: May – July 2021, ‘Shaping Your Narrative’, 10-week course as part of ‘The Writers’ Process’ at Varuna, The Writers’ House. Group 2.  Book here 

Online: April – June 2021, ‘Shaping Your Narrative’, 10-week course as part of ‘The Writers’ Process’ at Varuna, The Writers’ House. Book here 

Online: Feb – July 2021, Short Story Clinic Online Feedback, Writers’ Victoria

Online: Feb 3 – 9 2021, Writing & Revising Short Stories, Writing NSW.

Sydney: Jan 22, 2021, all-day AFTRS National Talent Camp Character & Conflict (for NTC participants only)

Sydney: Sep 9, 2020, 4 – 5:30 pm, ‘Year of the Novella’ workshop at Story Factory, Parramatta (for YOTN participants only)

Mumbai: Wednesday, January 29,  2020, 1:30 to 3:30 pm, Creative Writing Workshop with Roanna Gonsalves, Sophia College. Closed group.

Perth: Sunday, December 15, 2019, 10 am to 4:30 pm. The Writing Self: Workshop with Roanna Gonsalves, Centre For Stories. Book Here:

Katoomba: November 28, Creating The Creator: The Artistic Self & The World, for The Wheeler Centre’s Next Chapter program, at Varuna The Writers’ House.

Sydney: November 22, Cultural Safety & Artistic Empowerment, for Screen Australia’s Developing The Developer Program.

Adelaide: Friday, November 1, 10:45 am to 12 pm, Creative Writing Workshop with Roanna Gonsalves, Festival Theatre, Southern Foyer, Jaipur Literature Festival, Adelaide. Book here:

Sydney: Wednesday August 28, 4 to 5:30 pm. Workshop with participants in the Year of the Novella program at Story Factory, Parramata. Only open to Story Factory participants.

Online Short Story Clinic, Writers’ Victoria, 28 August 2019 to 20 November 2019. Book Here:

Edinburgh, UK: Saturday, August 10, 2:00 to 4:30,  Kimpton Charlotte Square Hotel. Edinburgh International Book Festival 2019. SOLD OUT Book here:  SOLD OUT

Alice Springs: Sunday, May 19, 2:30 to 4:30 pm, Northern Territory Writers’ Festival. Book here:

Sydney: April 6, 2019, Writing NSW, Rewilding the Short Story. Book here:

Sydney: February 13, 2019, Society of Women Writers NSW. Book here:

Sydney: February 2019, The Citizen Writes Project. Submissions Closed.

Wollongong: Nov 24, 2018, 10:30 am to 1:30 pm Register here:

Melbourne: Oct 13, Writers’ Vic, Rewilding the short story. Register Here:

Sydney: Oct 3, UNSW, Rewilding the short story. Register Here:


“Roanna’s understanding of the project was foundational to all her feedback. Not all story supporters get what a project is trying to do, Roanna’s depth of ‘getting it’ was fabulous. Her feedback was consequently right on the money – precise, pragmatic, useful and questioning.””I found it all incredibly useful, especially what was said about character and structure.”

“Roanna’s positivity about my project was reassuring…Her comments on character and structure in particular were useful, helping me gain clarity over my protagonists’ arcs and what needed to happen for the audience to invest in them as much as possible. Discussions over balancing my work’s tone, style, politics and narrative were very useful, but Roanna’s note to ground all these things in emotional resonance was a really welcome reminder of where my priority as a storyteller must lie.”

“I liked her encouragement and constructive criticism”

“Roanna was great, she gave excellent feedback with added context. she was easy to understand.”

“We had a fantastic mentoring session with Roanna. Her approach to providing feedback was very structured but also loose and natural at the same time. Roanna took us through her notes asking questions to prompt conversation, allowing us to talk through issues in a productive and constructive way. Thanks so much for your time, Roanna!”

“She was understanding but also not afraid to push you harder, which I think is an essential balance in a good mentor. I also liked her focus on self-care.”

“Roanna’s feedback provided great insight into what my work was missing and how it can reach a fuller potential.”

“Cultural insight specific to our project.”

“Roanna was very prepared and had a great understanding of the particulars of my project. She really took the time to think deeply about it and had many great questions and provocations. I felt comfortable to bounce ideas around with Roanna and to interrogate other avenues and potential solves.”

“I liked that Roanna provoked thoughtful discussion with her questions about my work. This allowed me to really look at my creative process and what my intentions are with regards to the characters, plot and theme.”

“I was a bit nervous going in but Roanna made me feel incredibly welcomed and valued during our meeting!”

“Roanna was warm, generous, approachable and hyperarticulate. I obviously have huge respect for her but I never felt intimidated or nervous. It was the perfect conditions for a feedback session if I’m honest!”

“She never made me feel stupid or inferior, just talked to me like a fellow writer, striving for the best story.”

“I really enjoyed this session. Roanna’s framing for her feedback was strength based and remained firmly centred around what I, as the writer, am trying to achieve. This meant the feedback was directly useful to the story I’m trying to tell and also highly receivable. She asked all the best questions immediately identifying issues and gaps in the work. I especially appreciated the precision which meant I knew exactly what needed to be done to the next pass at the documents.”

“She was great, really casual and relaxed, which really helped me feel like i could talk to her.”

“Roanna had clearly put time in to get to know our story idea thoroughly, so her feedback was relevant and specific – which was very useful in terms of knowing what steps to take next.”

“Roanna’s delivery was done very well as she covered all grounds and was very approachable and open to all questions.”

“Feedback was great.”

“Roanna’s warm energy and supportive approach was integral to be able to get the most out of the session.”

“It was good to have specific feedback as well as general feedback.”

“Loved the course. It’s not often you get the opportunity to write in a structured environment with so many fantastic activities and advice from someone who clearly knows what she’s talking about. The only negative is that I’m exhausted from writing so much, which isn’t really a negative at all. Thank you!”

“Workshop was excellent. Well-structured. Good time control. Good topics.”

“I really enjoyed the amount of writing we actually did. It was a writing workshop and it lived up to its name. The handouts and extracts were quite varied. I have a couple of texts that I would like to look up from them. It was a mixed group, but we were encouraged to interact and critique well. Altogether, I felt very welcomed and confident in this setting.”

“You are able to respond to people’s contributions in class in a way that highlights the strength of their contribution. It feels warm, inclusive, and authentic.”

“The practical techniques and structural methods were invaluable and I just know these are going to lift my writing to the next level. Your great facilitation skills brought out the best from the group as well.”

“Roanna should write more books.”

“Roanna is an energetic and engaging workshop facilitator. Some interesting concepts for revising and refreshing fiction were clearly discussed and practical exercises were great.”

“Really hands on. Also good that we have further reading.”

“You’re very relatable, warm, approachable. The pace is good – not too long, not too short on things.”

“Exercises developed each point and were then brought together and reinforced. Loved the exercises. Presentation was informative and manner was engaging.”

“Enjoyed your enthusiasm and knowledge, warmth and generosity.”