Southern Crossings

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Southern Crossings is a writers’ collective based in Australia, aiming to reimagine Australia, South Asia, and the world, through South Asian bodies and minds. Roanna Gonsalves is one of its founding co-editors.

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“Southern Crossings emerged in a free-range, water birth from the mediatized canal of the South Asian Australian Writing Network (SAAWN). Our primary aim is to provide a space for the voices of South Asians, and those of the South Asian diaspora, who live in Australia. And to be a repository, and a rich vein, of South Asian views of Australia, South Asia, and the world, as well as of global views of South Asia. Finding little space for people like us in the Australian national imaginary and mediascape, and moved by towards ‘becoming media’, we decided to make our own space. In true South Asian style, we are bringing all the relatives with us.”

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